Nothing stands still. In Cumbria’s Methodist churches and groups, God calls people to fill roles which are new to them, and leads us in new directions. The district has a Training and Development Officer (TDO for short!) whose job is to try to make sure that people feel well prepared for and supported in the work they do for the Church. Following Jesus should be highly enjoyable, as well as occasionally feeling like hard work. Methodists have an important place in the communities in which they live, and we have so much to offer.

Cumbria’s TDO is Rev David Edmondson, who took up the post at the beginning of 2004 after previously working as a school teacher, then for many years as a social worker. He is also a circuit minister in the South West Cumbria Circuit, looking after the church on Walney Island and helping with the circuit’s youth fellowship. He’s very willing to travel anywhere in the district, and quite happy to be invited to lead worship as well as organise training events. If you feel he can help your group, church or circuit.

We are trying to establish a network of people interested in training throughout the District – please contact David Edmondson if you feel you can play a part (or even if you know someone who you think would be interested).

In September, together with the Anglican church, our District launched the “Called to Serve” course. This is a major course for people who think they may be being called to take on more responsibility within the church, and is running in Carlisle, Cockermouth and Kendal.

David is also still looking for people interested in helping to lead courses for the local church: training for this has already started in the South of the district. Another small group will be organised in the North of the county if all goes well. If you are interested, please contact David.

“Enabling Change” Workshops
An interactive, Bible-based and mission focused workshop event led by Paul Dunstan, David Edmondson and David Emison in which we shall explore how Christians:

Discern the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2)
Cope with differences of opinion (Acts 15 and Gal 2)
Carry ideas forward (Acts 6)
The programme begins with a simple breakfast at 9:00am, includes a coffee break, and ends at 1:00pm.
The workshop is planned for the following dates:

Saturday 6th May (Ulverston Methodist Church)
Saturday 17th June (Wigton Road Methodist Church, Carlisle)
Saturday 15th July (Penrith Methodist Church)

Day Schools for Ordinands and Lay Readers in Training

As a result of developing links with the Carlisle and Blackburn Diocesan Training Institute, the “Day Schools” which they run occasionally for ordinands and lay readers in training have been opened up to Methodists training to be local preachers, or studying in preparation for ministry. The first of these was on January 14th, at St Martin’s College, Lancaster, when Dr Karl Moller led the day, on the early chapters of Genesis.

The next day school will be on May 20th, when our own David Emison will be the main speaker, on the development of English hymnody

Do get in touch with me (01229 474601) if you would like further details.

A number of courses are available in the Cumbria district. These are delivered by a team of people, mainly from within the district. You can find full details here.